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Cinrella Med Spa

Our Story

So many options! skin care products, beauty treatments, injectables, lasers. How do you know what is right for you?


The options are all good but if it isn't properly prescribed, and applied, the result may end up being the opposite of what you intended for it to be. Our medical practitioners are well-trained and selected based on their passion and aesthetic artistry to ensure a positive, result-oriented, and beautified experience.


Cinrella’s concept is to preserve your natural beauty, utilizing the most updated concepts, protocols, and technology for a safe, healthy, and long-lasting result.

Huy Ho, MD

Graduated from University of San Diego and St. George University School of Medicine, Doctor Huy Ho did his residency at University of San Francisco before embarking on his medical career in 2004.  Specialized in internal medicine, Dr. Ho focused his career on client’s well-care and worked as a medical director at  multiple clinics and hospitals throughout San Diego. 


Though wellness starts from within, Dr. Ho recognized that his client’s outlook is directly affected by how they feel about their image and appearance. Determined to provide a total wellness experience for his clients, Dr. Ho brought in medical aesthetic experts and researched the best technology to make available options for his clients.  Outside of his regular practice, Dr Ho is a sought after medical spa director as he continues to provide his expertise and support to the aesthetic professionals.

Theresa Nguyen-Muth

Director of Beauty

A three time pageant winner - Miss National Teen-Ager, Miss Asia, Miss Asia North America, Theresa Nguyen-Muth found passion helping both men and women in recognizing their inner beauty while finding health, poise and confidence by enhancing and maintaining their outer beauty. 


Theresa Nguyen-Muth’s has owned several skincare studios, and is sought after by many loyal clients throughout the United States. She has developed her own private label skincare lines and is a recognized coach for advanced level aesthetic.

She is excited to co-create Cinrella, a concept of beauty transformation utilizing the latest technology while preserving each individual's natural beauty.

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