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Tattoo Removal

Lighten or Erase, Your Skin's New Chapter!

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Tattoo Lightening

Tattoo Lightening involves inputting a special saline solution into the skin using a tattoo needle in order to lighten unwanted tattoo pigment.


This procedure is ideal for those who have unsatisfactory permanent makeup.


Tattoo Lightening requires multiple sessions in order to see any results.


*Results are NOT guaranteed.

Emergency Tattoo Removal

Emergency Tattoo Removal can be performed within 48 hours after a permanent makeup procedure. The special saline solution is applied to the area that has just been tattooed in order to help lighten the tattoo.


This procedure is for those who immediately decide they are not happy with their permanent makeup. The sooner the special saline solution is applied, the more likely it will work.


*Results are NOT guaranteed.

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