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Classique Facial

Ditch the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary.

Classique Facial Treatment

A Deep Cleanse for Radiant Skin

Cinrella Classique facial is a 90-minute indulgence for all skin types, offering a customized five-step deep cleansing system for ultimate radiance and vitality.

Get Glowing: Inside the Step-by-Step Magic of The Cinrella Facial Technique Experience

Step 1: Cleansing and Toning with Emulsion Concentree

Cleanse, mist, breathe: awaken and hydrate your skin for radiant transformation.

Step 3: A Second Toning with Emulsion Concentree

After exfoliation, your skin is ready to absorb even more of the therapeutic Emulsion Concentree's hydrating and treating properties.

Step 2: Exfoliate and Hydrate with Gommage

Gommage Yon-Ka: gentle 4-in-1 peel for instant softness & radiance. Enjoy weekly at home for an extra glow!

Step 4: Deeper Exfoliation with Active Micro Peel

 This treatment further purifies and buffs away dead cells, revealing a radiant and even skin tone.

Treatment Mask based on Skin Needs

Masque 103 for Combination/Oily Skin:

This purifying and clarifying mask combats excess oil, breakouts, and blackheads, leaving your skin clear and smooth.

Masque 105 for Dry/Sensitive Skin:

This gentle mask purifies and clarifies while calming delicate skin.

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Ready to experience the ultimate cleanse?

Unveil your radiant skin - book your Cinrella Classique facial today!

Contact us now and consult with our expert to unlock your path to enhanced facial beauty.

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