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Permanent Makeup

The Services

Beauty is unique to each individual and permanent makeup is meant to enhance and bring out those unique features.  Our permanent makeup artists understand the difference in pigmentation, styles and protocol that best fit the face, and spend the time to work with the clients to meet their definition of beauty.  Whether it's correction or new enhancement, we have the expertise to deliver color perfection to your beautiful lips & brows.

Brows - Permanent Makeup.png

We excel in creating exquisitely shaped and tinted brows, personalized to amplify your distinctive style and lasting allure

Lips - Permanent Makeup.png

Experience our mastery in tailored lip pigmentation, infusing a dash of allure and enduring charm into your radiant smile

Tattoo - Permanent Makeup (2).png
Tattoo Correction

Experience tailored tattoo refinement with specialized saline, enhancing your makeup vision

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